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School Funding Comparisons by the NYC Independent Budget Office (IBO) (2010-11)

How do the funding levels compare, and the funding streams interact, for New York City charter and district schools? The City's Independent Budget Office (IBO) has issued three analyses on this topic, to which the Charter Center has responded with increasing, detailed criticism. The NYC Department of Education has also raised strong objections.

The Center's responses to the attached resources are posted on the our blog blog:

Response to the 2010 Funding Comparison

"There is good reason to think the IBO study actually understates the funding disparities that charter schools face, but we can take that up later. With the basic facts about this inequality clear, there’s a new burning question: what are we going to do about it?"

Response to the 2011 Funding Comparisons

"The IBO analysts made three adjustments to its previously-issued estimates for school year 2008-09: one error correction, and two 'refinements.'... It’s unfortunate, though, that increased precision is only applied to reduce the district advantage."

Response to the Analysis of the Mayor's Preliminary Budget for 2012

"...the IBO doesn’t mention that while Services to Schools is cut by $207 million, the City will increase its spending on DOE pensions by $267 million—swelling the total to over $3 billion, with more big increases expected in future years. ... The IBO’s portrayal of charters as causing the district’s problems is plainly political, and it’s a shame.

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