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Teacher Certification Resources

The Charter Center’s resources are compiled from NYSED and our experience assisting teachers to navigate the certification process. Schools participating in our Teacher Certification Program will also find additional resources through the HR community of practice.

Please note: The Charter Center’s resource guide “Applicants from Other States Seeking NYS Classroom Teaching Certificates” reflects recent updates in exams and exam requirements for eligible interstate candidates.For additional detailed information for both teachers and school administrators with out-of-state credentials, visit the NYSED’s TEACH website

Operations: Building Operational Excellence

In spring of 2019, the experts from Ed-Ops led a two-part conference on the components of robust operations systems and the steps to creating efficient teams. Called the “Five Pillars of Ops Excellence” the seminars were organized around:

  1. Setting Clear Roles and Responsibilities
  2. Creating Standard Operating Procedures
  3. Cross-training
  4. Proactive Communication, both Internal and External
  5. Continuous, Individualized Staff Development

Review the full presentation
Part 1 – Clear Roles and Responsibilities and Standard Operating Procedures

PDF iconEDOPS NYC CSC Ops Excellence Session 1 (FINAL) - 2019 04 15.pdf1.56 MB
PDF iconNYC Ops Excellence 1 - Workbook FINAL.PDF616.84 KB

Part 2 – Cross-training, Proactive Communication, and Staff Development

PDF iconEDOPS NYC CSC Ops Excellence Session 2.pdf1.78 MB
PDF iconCredit Card SOP - to print.pdf56.64 KB
PDF iconNYC Ops Excellence 2 - SOP One Pager - vF.PDF45.98 KB
PDF iconNYC Ops Excellence 2 - Workbook vF.PDF734.92 KB


Vendors/Services List

The Charter Center’s Vendor List is one of the many ways in which we help schools share resources with one another. Last year alone, there were 11,000 hits on over 300 businesses recommended by NY charter schools. We’d like to remind you that all vendors on the list have not only worked with a charter school, but have also received a written recommendation from one or more charters.

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FACILITIES: School Safety Plans

Emergencies in schools must be addressed in an expeditious and effective manner. Schools are at risk of acts of violence, natural, and manmade disasters. To address these threats, the State of New York has enacted the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education (SAVE) law. Project SAVE is a comprehensive planning effort that addresses prevention, response and recovery with respect to a variety of emergencies in schools.

Individual charter schools are required by the NYSED to complete 2 safety plans: a District- Wide Safety Plan and a Building-Level Safety Plan. These plans differ as defined here taken directly from the NY Safe Schools website.