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FAQ - NYCDOE SchoolFood: Costs

Frequently asked questions about the costs associated with NYCDOE SchoolFood services:

How much does NYCDOE SchoolFood charge charter schools for meals?
  • Breakfast is free to all students.
  • Lunch for a full price student costs $1.50. Lunch for a reduced price student costs $0.25.
  • After school snacks are $0.75 for full price students and $0.15 for reduced price students.
  • Suppers are $2.25 for full price students and $0.75 for reduced price students.
How does a charter school bill families for meals?

Schools are charged by food service providers for the meals they provide, and bill families – either in advance or in arrears – for individual student payments. If schools bill in advance, they estimate actual meal participation and roll over the impact of overestimation or underestimation to the next pay cycle. Many schools bill monthly, some bill quarterly. It is helpful to have a spreadsheet on which to track actual meal use and payment history of each student.

Can schools bill families for after school food?

Schools cannot bill families for after school food if it is provided by NYCDOE SchoolFood.

Must a school collect money from families?

No, but in that case, the school should document why the decision was made not to collect money.

How does a school pay NYCDOE SchoolFood?

The school should give a check made out to "NYCDOE SchoolFood" to its on-site NYCDOE SchoolFood representative at the frequency agreed with SchoolFood. The check amount should be exactly equal to the MIE2 forms it accompanies. If a school submits an MIE2 without a check for some reason, it should enter $0 in the payment field.

How does a school pay for meals provided by other vendors?

The process varies by vendor. 

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