It's about great public schools.


NYC parents are standing up for their right to know about ALL education options available to them. We are calling on Mayor de Blasio to maintain this policy and not keep parents in the dark, allowing them to make the best choices for their families.
Parents need to know!

New York City currently allows parents to be informed about school options in their neighborhood through a partnership with a third-party vendor. The policy allows charter schools to utilize DOE services to send informational mailings to prospective parents in their neighborhood, at the charter school’s own expense. The city’s contractor, Vanguard, acts as the intermediary between DOE data and charter schools. Schools submit a form stating the age and zip codes of those they wish to inform and Vanguard prints, labels and mails to every applicable family without divulging any recipient information. This is the most equitable way to ensure every parent knows about ALL schools in their community.

In recent weeks, the DOE has privately indicated to a variety of stakeholders that it intends to change an arrangement and reverse a policy that has been in place for over a decade. Currently, this unilateral decision to cut off charter schools from being able to tell parents about the options they have is a threat to parents’ ability to make the best choices for their children.