It's about great public schools.

Get to Know Charter Schools

Charter schools are free public schools open to all New York City children.

Charter Schools...

  • Give Parents a Choice

    Charter schools provide parents an alternative to traditional district schools. They also give parents the opportunity to choose a school based upon what they think will work best for their child.

  • Offer Innovative Programs

    Charter schools have flexibility in the way they operate. Many charters have longer school days and years and offer programs in the arts, science and languages.

  • Serve All Children

    Charter schools welcome all children, including students with special needs and English Language Learners.

  • Prepare Students for Success in College and a Career

    NYC charter schools made significant gains, and outperformed their district counterparts in both ELA and Math. African-American and Hispanic charter students continue to outperform their district peers.

  • Hear from Current Charter Teachers
  • Learn from Charter Leaders