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FAQ - NYCDOE SchoolFood: Reporting

Frequently asked questions about NYCDOE SchoolFood reporting requirements:

What reporting is required for NYCDOE SchoolFood?

There are three reporting forms: MIE1, MIE2 and MIE4.

  • MIE1: Submitted weekly, this form reports how many students were served breakfast, lunch and/or snack on each day of the school week. It also requires a breakdown of the number of free and reduced price students. The MIE1 form should be submitted to the on-site NYCDOE SchoolFood representative no later than the following Tuesday of each week.
  • MIE2: Submitted weekly or monthly, this form is used to tally and record the total amount of money that is due to NYCDOE SchoolFood. MIE2 data should correspond to the matching MIE1(s) and should be turned in to the on-site NYCDOE SchoolFood representative with the frequency agreed upon with NYCDOE SchoolFood. Many schools turn in MIE1s and MIE2s together.
  • * MIE4: Filed monthly (if applicable), this form is used to report after school suppers.
How should a charter school track students for the School Meals program?

Establishing a roster-type system eases the process of reporting the number and types of meals served each day. As students arrive in the food service delivery area for each meal, they should be checked off on the roster. Total counts are transferred from the roster to MIE1s.

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