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Lift the Cap

The Charter Center is leading efforts to once and for all eliminate the arbitrary cap on the number of charter schools that can open in New York. We are working toward the day when every child in New York can attend the public school of their choice.

0charters are
available to be
issued in NYC

52,700NYC students are currently on charter school waitlists

Charter schools have been serving NYC students for 20 years. The cap on charters must be lifted so these schools can continue to serve those who need them.

Status of the Cap

The Charter Center monitors the number of charters still available in New York City and New York State. New York has capped the number of charter schools that can open in the state at 460. As of March 4, 2019 0 charters remain available in NYC to be approved by one of New York’s two authorizers – the State Education Department Board of Regents (Regents) and the SUNY Charter School Institute (SUNY).

*The statewide charter school cap of 460 has not changed, but it has effectively been increased by 22 as the new law has revived a subset of charters previously revoked (and which previously could not be used again).

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