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The Bronx Celebrates Charter Schools

Congratulations to all Bronx charter school educators. The Charter Center, along with Council Member, Ritchie Torres, thank charter schools for their incredible work for the last 20 years!



NYC parents, stand up for your right to know about ALL education options available! We are calling on Mayor de Blasio to allow parents to make the most informed choices for their families.


The Collaborative for Inclusive Education

The NYC Special Education Collaborative has a new name! It has expanded programming to encompass educational equity and inclusion.


Lift the Cap!

Lift the cap now! School leaders, parents and teachers call for a NYC charter school cap lift in Albany.


20 Years of Charters

Charter schools have revolutionized New York City’s educational landscape. To celebrate 20 years of service, hear from the students, educators and community leaders who make it all possible.


The New York City Charter School Center

helps new charter schools get started, supports existing schools and builds community support so that highly effective schools can flourish.

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of charter school students are economically disadvantaged

  • Search current job listings at New York City charter schools and charter organizations.

  • With an intense focus on developing stronger applications for NYS authorization, our Apply Right program will help your planning team get your school vision off the ground.

  • Discover what goes on inside NYC’s public charter schools. Our videos and pictures introduce you to school leaders and charter parents as well as provide insights on school culture and community engagement.

  • Our Online Resource Library offers exemplars, trainings, guides, templates and more to support best practices within public charter schools.

  • The Charter Center sets the record straight on NYC charter schools. Learn more about charter school achievement, demographics, facilities and more.

  • Opening a school is a complex process. Our programs and supports help guide you through the maze of operations requirements, including human resources, finances, student enrollment and more.


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