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Teacher Certification: For Schools

Registration for the 2018-19 Teacher Certification Program will open soon. We look forward to working with you again next year.


Led by Caryl Cohen, the Charter Center’s Certification Team provides analysis and in-depth technical support to help your school comply with New York State and Federal regulations and your teachers to navigate the pathways to NYS certification.

  1. For teachers seeking Professional certification (the advanced level certificate in the progression), the NYSED is now enforcing old regulations about what qualifies for their three years’ experience. There are several alternative ways to satisfy this requirement and still give the school some flexibility about their assignments. Please review our Related Resources below for more details.

  2. For applicants seeking Initial certification in certain key subject areas, there may be more flexibility in the next few months. For the last several years we have had to tell these candidates that their only option was to enroll in a NYS teacher preparation program. Now they may qualify for an Individual Evaluation. Please review our Related Resources below for more details.

  3. For teachers with Initial or Transitional Certificates that are EXPIRED, the NYSED Board of Regents has extended the time extension to 3 years. Please review our Related Resources below for more details, or click here.

  4. For applicants taking certification exams, the Safety Net Deadlines were Revised. See this list of exams to find out if it helps your candidates. Get the full explanation from NYSED.


  • A secure, on-line worksheet portal to provide detailed certification information to your school’s hiring manager.
  • A summary and analysis of your school’s certification status
  • Recommendations for individual teachers to help your school achieve or maintain full compliance
  • Personal consultations for teachers who need to develop an individualized plan for certification
  • Phone or on-line support to schools for teacher certification questions
  • Topical professional development on certification issues for program members such as the recent changes in required exams, the complexities of reciprocity, new or dual certification in special education and more
  • Priority registration and discounted fees on DASA workshops and other trainings for teachers


The fee for teacher certification services is based on the total number of teachers on your school roster planned for the school year. This number also includes teaching assistants, guidance counselors, school social workers, and school psychologists.

2017–2018 Fee Schedule For Participating Schools
School TypeFee Per School
1 - 20 teachers$1,600
21 - 40 teachers$2,500
41 - 60 teachers$3,900
61 - 80 teachers$4,900
81 - 100 teachers$6,000
101 - 120 teachers$7,000
121 - 140 teachers$8,000
141+ teachers$8,500
New York City charter schools can register to be a part of the Teacher Certification Services program.


The Charter Center’s resources are compiled from NYSED and our experience assisting teachers to navigate the certification process. Schools participating in our Teacher Certification Program will also find additional resources through the HR community of practice.

Please note: The Charter Center’s resource guide “Applicants from Other States Seeking NYS Classroom Teaching Certificates” reflects recent updates in exams and exam requirements for eligible interstate candidates.

For more detailed information for both teachers and school administrators with out-of-state credentials, visit the NYSED’s TEACH website