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Teacher Readiness and Instructional Strategies

The Academic Intervention Teacher Checklist is a template for a form used to document interventions to aid a student struggling in academic classes before an Initial Referral is made to the Committee on Special Education.

The Academic Intervention Service Plan is a template for a form used to record a student's demographic data, presenting concerns, classroom interventions, recommended services, and progress review.

The presentation Options and Strategies for Students "At Risk", from New York City Charter School Center consultants Arthur Sadoff and Dixon Deutsch and their colleague Jacqueline Frey, examines the pre-referral process, including Child Study Teams, Academic Intervention Services, and Response to Intervention, as well as Section 504 and rules for suspension and expulsion.

The presentation Special Education: Service Delivery Models, from  Arthur Sadoff and Dixon Deutsch, examines current service delivery models for special education students and also provides a historical perspective on methods used in the past.

Special Populations