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Navigating City and State Systems

As an operating charter school you will need to navigate many New York City and New York State systems. Here you can find a run-down of systems you need to know as well as several attached guides.

  • Once a year, the Charter Center hosts a Finance and Operations Boot Camp. You can find resources from the 2014 Boot Camp here.
  • The charter sector is filled with acronyms. Familiarize yourself with many of them using our helpful glossary, here.
  • Automate the Schools (ATS) is a NYC system for student information. You can find our training guide and video here.You’ll need a DOE email address to gain access – a brand new NYC DOE email account that can be obtained through the DOE’s Galaxy system through an administrator at your school. To reset your existing account's password, see below.
  • Once a year, you’ll submit information to the Basic Educational Data System (BEDS). You can find more information about the system and process here.
  • You’ll use the NYSED Business Portal for many important tasks. Make sure you have access. You can find a guide to resetting your password below.
  • The TEACH system is the State’s hub for teacher certification. You can find information about setting up a TEACH account here. You can find additional information about our Teacher Certification Program here.
  • Web Connect/Galaxy: All charter Schools have been given access to a web based management system called Galaxy. If your school does not have access to Galaxy, contact your cohort’s Director of Operations at the Charter Schools office at the DOE. Once you have access to Galaxy, your school’s system administrator can add staff members to the system. Once added, the DOE will e-mail users approximately 7 business days later. They will send two separate e-mails: one containing the user’s new DOE e-mail address and the other containing their password. The DOE e-mail address can be used to login to Web Connect, DOE webmail and SESIS (if they are added as a SESIS user in Galaxy). You can access Web Connect here. You can access Galaxy here. You can access your DOE email account here.

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