New York Charter Cap Status

June 13, 2014

Q1: How many charters are left under the cap for NYC?
Under the 2010 cap, NYC was granted a maximum of 114 charters, 57 for both Regents and SUNY, of which only 39 remain. However, under the 2007 cap, SUNY still has 6 charters remaining, which can go to either NYC or New York State. Therefore, up to 45 charters are left for NYC.

Q2: How many charters are left under the cap for areas outside of NYC?

Operations Brief: Frequently Asked Questions about the New York State Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)

All New York charter schools are subject to the requirements of New York State's Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). FOIL is a New York State law that provides the public an avenue to access certain records of public agencies, and it explicitly applies to charters under the Charter Schools Act of 1998.

Four Simple Ways to Improve New York City School Data

A flood of data is re-shaping American public education, nowhere more than in New York City. Yet there are still key topics in NYC education debates where the critical data are not publicly available, or do not exist at all. It's possible for city and state agencies to address these gaps in ways that enrich the public understanding of education, including charter schools, without placing a burden on the schools themselves.