Becoming Your Own School Food Authority (SFA)

This webinar, conducted by NYC food service expert, Geoffrey Ramsey, and a charter school Director of Operations who has gone through the process of becoming a School Food Authority, was originally presented to new school teams as part of the 2013 Start Right program. It provides an overview of food service options that are available to charter schools as well as the steps for schools to follow to become their own School Food Author

New York Charter Cap Status

June 13, 2014

Q1: How many charters are left under the cap for NYC?
Under the 2010 cap, NYC was granted a maximum of 114 charters, 57 for both Regents and SUNY, of which only 39 remain. However, under the 2007 cap, SUNY still has 6 charters remaining, which can go to either NYC or New York State. Therefore, up to 45 charters are left for NYC.

Q2: How many charters are left under the cap for areas outside of NYC?

Wellness Policies and Safety Plans Webinar

School Wellness Policies provide a means for improving school health, curricula and programs that ensure students become and stay ready to learn. Coupled with your authorizer required safety plan, these two documents are an integral component of learning, growing, thriving as a public school. Join the Charter Center's David Frank and Audrey Castillo, Program Manager for Healthy Schools Brooklyn, a program that is funded by the New York State Department of Health at the Brooklyn District Public Health Office of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Fiscal Controls and Integrity

Below are resources originally shared at the Fiscal Controls and Integrity for Charters panel discussion at the NYC Charter School Center in May 2014 in collaboration with Barr and Co. LLP, The Bronx Charter School for Better Learning, The Staten Island Community Charter School, Charter School Business Management (CSBM), the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

NYSESLAT Administration

This training was originally presented in April 2014 by Erika Watson, Senior Program Manager at Questar. Both the slides and the recorded webinar are below. Topics covered are:
  • Materials – ordering, receiving, returning
  • Administration
  • Scoring Constructed Responses
  • Resources
  • Key Dates
Customer support for NYSESLAT administration can be accessed at or by calling 866.644.6648.