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Charter Schools Act of 1998 New York State (as Amended)

New York State’s law on charter schools changed in important ways in April 2014 and May 2010. You can access an official copy of the Act here. In addition, we have created a black-lined version of the Act that visually emphasizes the new provisions in a more legible format.

The Charter Center is committed to helping existing and prospective charter schools succeed in this ever-changing environment. Please bookmark this page and check back frequently for updates.

Guidance and Reference Documents

The following documents reflect the Charter Center’s guidance for charter schools and planning teams.

Charter school authorizers have issued the following guidance and reference documents:

Note on Parent Associations (September 29, 2010)
In an amendment to the school governance law, the Chancellor must now ensure that each charter school located in NYC has a parent association and that meetings of the parent association are, among, other things, open to the general public. SUNY has stated, however, and the Charter Center concurs, that contrary to the language in this amendment, the Chancellor has no authority to require a charter school to form a parent association if 1) the school is not authorized by the Chancellor; and 2) the school is not housed in a DOE building. It is not clear the extent of the Chancellor’s authority more generally, but it is prudent for SUNY-authorized charter schools in DOE facilities to form parent associations in anticipation that DOE will require as much in its capacity as landlord. (The Charter Center understands that charter school parent associations will not be subject to the NYC Chancellor’s Regulations governing parent associations.) Generally speaking, while we believe it is incumbent upon schools to set up robust avenues for parent input and communication, we believe that individual charter schools should be given the autonomy to determine how best to do that.

Authorizer memos on the topic of parent associations:
Memo from NYC DOE (Sept 3, 2010)
Memo from SUNY Charter Schools Institute (Sept 7, 2010)

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