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Charter School Board Training

The New York City Charter School Center partnered with the SUNY Charter School Institute, the NYSED Charter School Office and the NYC DOE Office of School Design and Charter Partnerships to host a three-part series of events for charter school board members.

2017-18 Board Training Series

Part I - Recruiting & Training Successful New Board Members (October 16, 2017)
Building the network and protocols to find members to complement your board
Presented by Shereen Williams, Charter Board Partners
PowerPoint Slides
Onboarding New Members

Part II - Using Student Data in Academic Oversight (November 14, 2017)
Relevance and analysis of student data for the greatest insight into your school’s performance
Presented by Jen Pasek, Director of Accountability and School Data, Pasek Consulting, LLC
Erin Cochran, Director, Analytics and Data Management, NYC DOE Office of School Design and Charter Partnerships
Katie Doctor, Director of Data and Assessment at DREAM Charter School

Academic Data for Charter Boards: Exemplar
Data Organizer: Exemplar

Part III - Development for Charter School Boards (January 16, 2018)
Making fundraising an integral part of every board member’s role
Presented by Richmond Rabinowitz, Rabinowitz Partners, LLC
Exemplar and Handouts

Upcoming in the Board Development Training Series:

Evaluating the CEO or Principal
Tuesday, March 20 at 8:30am
An overview of key issues for annual performance assessments with emphasis on the 360-degree review

Financial Oversight
Tuesday, May 15 at 8:30am
A look at the audit process and revising the budget for the next school year



2016-17 Board Training Series Resources

Part I – What is good charter school board governance?
A thorough review of the basics of oversight and applicable laws.
Presented by SUNY Charter School Institute
SUNY Guide to Board Governance
Part I Webinar (Full Audio)

Part II – How do boards ensure the school’s financial management systems are working?
Does the school have “audit-proof” fiscal policies and procedures? Do they follow them? What do we learn from recent audit findings?
Presented by John Tarvin, Claremont Consulting and Raj Thakkar, Charter School Business Management
Full Audio Webinar 1
Full Audio Webinar 2
CSBM-101 Finance Committee Planning
CSBM 101 Financial Best Practices
CSBM 101 Optimal Levels
CSBM 101 Roles Responsibilities
CSBM Fraud Flawed Gray one pager
Financial Oversight Board Training-Discussion Questions

Part III – What matters most in academic oversight and evaluating the school leader?
Tools for analyzing academic data and teacher evaluation systems to appraising the performance of the head-of-school.
Presented by Marci Cornell-Feist, Board On Track
Role in Academic Oversight
Role of the Academic Excellence Committee
Questions to Ask About Assessment Data
State of School Report [Exemplar]