New York Charter Cap Status

October 19, 2014

Q1: How many charters are left under the cap for NYC?
Under the 2010 cap, NYC was granted a maximum of 114 charters, 57 for both Regents and SUNY, of which only 27 remain. However, under the 2007 cap, SUNY still has 6 charters remaining, which can go to either NYC or New York State. Therefore, up to 28 charters are left for NYC.

Q2: How many charters are left under the cap for areas outside of NYC?

Q3: How many charters have been issued for schools in NYC that have not yet opened?
20 charter schools will be opening in the 2015-16 year. Additionally, 11 have been approved to open in the 2016-17 year, although this number is likely to increase. This is already reflected in the number of charters left under the cap.

Q4: What is the total number of charter schools that are either currently operating, approved to open, or remaining under the cap for NYC?
256: 197 charters are currently operating, 31 have been approved, and 28 remain under the cap.

Q5: Why don’t these figures add up to the total cap, or the total number of charter schools?
Charter schools that are closed, or fail to open, are counted against the cap. Charter schools that are converted district schools do not count against the cap.

Q6: How many charter applications do SUNY and SED have under consideration at this time and if all were approved, how many charters would each authorizer have left?
SED has received 10 full applications. Assuming all 10 full applications are accepted, SED would have 17 remaining charters.

- 2007 cap 2010 cap Total
Authorizer Avail. Issued Left Avail. Issued Left Issued Left
SED - 32 0 130 41 89 73 89
SUNY 100 99 1 130 60 70 159 71
NYC - 67 0 N/A N/A N/A 67 0
Buffalo - 1 0 N/A N/A N/A 1 0
Total 200 199 1 260 101 159 300 160

2010 Subtotal
Authorizer Max. Issued Left
SED 57 30 27
SUNY 57 57 0
Buffalo N/A N/A N/A
Total 114 87 27
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