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Basic Educational Data System (BEDS)

In order to help charter schools navigate the BEDS survey, the Office of Information and Reporting Services at the NYSED presents an annual webinar.

BEDS Day is officially October October 4, 2017.

Schools will report school year 2016-17 data and some information for 2017-18 as of that date though the report deadlines are later in the school year. 

The BEDS Institutional Master File (IMF), due on November 17, 2017, provides demographic and programmatic information. 

The electronic Personnel Master File (ePMF) forms must be submitted by teachers by late January 2018. Teachers can only access the ePMF, through their individual accounts after the Staff Snapshot and Staff Assignment reports are completed by school administration.

To see the recorded 2017 BEDS Webinar and related instructional guides, go to NYSED BEDS Presentation.

For specific information on the Teacher/Staff Data reporting, go to SIRS Staff Data.

The Staff Snapshot, must be completed to open access for teachers to the TAA.

Enter through the on-line portal supported by Eastern Suffolk BOCES at: ESBOCES Student Data Services. The BOCES help desk number: (631) 218-4134

Task Teachers Non-Teachers Recommended Timeline
Staff Snapshot Level 0 Level 0 Complete by early January
Staff Assignment
  Level 0 Earliest Convenience
Certification: End of Year
Teaching Assignments
TAA by teacher   Teacher deadline:
January 26
Teaching Assignments
TAA by Admin   Review throughout
Certification: February 23, 2018
Staff Assignments
  L2RPT End of Year Certification
August 2018

Additional Resources:

Other Resources for preparing to submit the BEDS report include:

IMF – Institutional Master File; Deadline November 17, 2017

The process remains essentially the same as previous years. On-line form available through the NYSED Business Portal

Access the guiding memo, notes on changes to the IMF forms and a template for gathering and preparing, not submitting data at

ePMF – Teacher Professional Reporting; Deadline January 29, 2018

  1. Complete the Staff Snapshot through the BOCES portal for those classroom teachers employed by your school on BEDS day, October 4, 2017. You can use the TEACH ID in the staff ID field. If you need to find a teacher's TEACH ID, you can refer to this "how to" document.
  2. Once the Staff Snap Shot is submitted through the BOCES portal, new teachers will be able to create accounts in TAA. Returning teachers will use the same access provided in the previous school year. Teachers who cannot recall their user ID and password will be able to reset them through TAA
  3. Teachers will create or reopen an account at NYSED Teacher Access and Authorization
  4. Teachers complete their ePMF forms in TAA by late January, 2018. More details are available at: Frequently Asked Questions on Completion of Personnel Data Forms
  5. Check your school's Institutional Data on Record to verify who is the CEO of record and hwo has access to NYSED systems for access to make submissions to NYSED by late February, 2018
  6. You can determine your school's "CEO" on record in SEDREF by looking up your school's "Institutional Data" at NYSED Charter School Directory. To update your school's contact information in SEDREF follow the guidelines found here Updating SEDREF Information

The Charter School Certification Exemption (also known as the 5-30 Exemption)

There is a drop-down in the BOCES Staff Snapshot application to allow charter schools to identify instructors covered by this exemption.

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