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Programs & Services

The New York City Charter School Center contributes to a high-quality charter school sector by helping schools get off to a successful start. We do this by working with high potential start-up teams to develop their plans, secure their charters, and open their doors.

We also support school administrators by providing services that save time and money. We continually adjust our services to match changing needs. Currently we provide:

Featured Programs & Services:

Charter School Development

Apply Right Group
There’s no way around it. Applying for a charter is hard work. Successful applications are hundreds of pages long and often the product of years of research and development.
Some New York City charter schools will be offering free Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) for the first time ever this fall.
We offer workspaces for teams who’ve been awarded a charter and need a space to finalize their plans and prepare for opening their doors. With resources and advisors readily available, incubation teams can set aside distractions and fully focus on their goal: opening a great charter school.
It has become clear to charter supporters across the country: The best and most immediate way in which to increase quality educational options for students is by supporting the replication of established, high performing charter schools.
Now that your school has been authorized, it’s time to focus on all of the details required to open your doors successfully. The New York City Charter School Center’s Start Right Program is an six-month intensive series of trainings, expert panels, webinars, networking events and one-on-one sessions designed to help ensure your school is prepared for a successful launch.

Leadership & Professional Development

Provides schools with expert guidance needed to serve children with special needs and ensure regulatory compliance.

Operations Management

New York State law requires that certain types of school employees undergo a criminal background check and file their fingerprints with the State Education Department and FBI. The New York City Charter School Center can electronically scan and submit fingerprints so that new hires can obtain clearance within 48 hours.

The Charter Center was founded to support the development of a high quality charter school sector in New York City.

The Charter Center’s Certification Unit provides in-depth technical assistance to ensure that your school complies with all New York State and Federal teacher certification regulations.

The Charter Center hosts a Charter School Test Scoring Consortium to coordinate the scoring of the constructed responses of the statewide English Language Arts and mathematics exams for grades 3-8.