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There’s no way around it. Applying for a charter is hard work. Successful applications are hundreds of pages long and often the product of years of research and development. The good news? You don’t have to do it alone.


If you are looking for more information about starting a charter school in New York City, your first step should be participating in our Charter 101 webinar. During this interactive webinar you’ll learn about the New York State authorizers, application timelines and the components of a successful planning team.

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With an intense focus on developing stronger applications, the Apply Right program will help your planning team get your vision off the ground. Our team will provide you with the tools, guidance and resources you’ll need to ensure your charter application is ready for submission to New York State charter authorizers.


Apply Right is divided into two phases of programming.

Phase 1 - Application Workshop
The Application Workshop follows an intensive model that enables your team to tackle the application’s various components efficiently, including academic design and curriculum, data and assessment, budgeting and operations, and community engagement. Program participants will receive:

  1. Two full days of programming designed and led by former SUNY-CSI authorizer and nationally recognized charter school application consultant, Simeon Stolzberg
  2. Budget-focused presentations led by the award winning Charter School Business Management (CSBM) team
  3. Work plans, resources and templates to inform your school development
  4. High quality exemplars from successful applicants

Upon completion of the workshop the Charter Center team will conduct quality review and readiness assessments to determine whether or not teams will be invited to participate in Phase 2. More information regarding the assessment process will be available at the Application Workshop.

Phase 2 - Application Consulting
High capacity teams completing Phase 1 will be invited to participate in Phase 2. This program offers application consulting and individualized supports to planning teams as they complete the written application and move through the authorizer’s cycle. Qualified teams will have access to:

  • Up to 5 individualized consulting hours with Simeon Stolzberg, including 3 hours specifically for reviewing written drafts of the application
  • Up to 3 individualized consulting hours with CSBM
  • Up to 7 consulting hours with the Charter Center’s specialized teams
  • In-depth tours of several of NYC’s highest performing charter schools
  • Opportunities to gather as a peer-based cohort
  • Mock authorizer interview session
"From getting up to speed on the overall application process to wading into the vagaries of charter school budgeting, the Charter Center’s application workshops covered the key areas comprehensively and were immensely helpful to our planning team."

- Suyin So, Executive Director, Central Queens Academy Charter School


To be eligible for the Phase 1 Application Workshop, teams must:

  1. Plan to submit a charter application by the deadline for opening a school in 2017;
  2. Have at least two team members willing to commit to the program;
  3. Intend to open in one of the New York City’s five boroughs; and,
  4. Show commitment to building a high quality public charter school.

Phase 2 participation is by invitation only.


$750 per team

DATES & DEADLINES (For November 2015 – Phase 1)

Apply Right Phase 1 – Fall 2015

Participants are expected to attend both full-day sessions. Lunch and snacks will be provided each day.

Registration for Phase 1 will close on November 2.
The Phase 1 schedule is below:
Proposed Intensive Sessions

November 7
Introductions, Analysis of Previous Applications, and Materials Drop
Facilities & Community Outreach
Board Governance & Charter Law
Business, Budget and Operations

November 14
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Data, Evaluation, Reporting
Special Populations: ELL and SpEd

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The State Education Department has updated the timeline for the submission of applications to establish charter schools in New York State authorized by the Board of Regents with a plan to open in 2

2015 Application Timeline - NYSED140.35 KB

Complete applications from Brilla College Prep Public Charter School, South Bronx Classical Charter School II and Unity Prep Charter School of Brooklyn, three recently approved for charters from the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

Complete applications from The International Charter School of New York, Atmosphere Academy Charter School and Bronx Charter School for Better Learning II, three recently approved for charters from the State University of New York (SUNY).

The New York State Charter School Office is responsible for coordinating the review of charter school applications and proposed charters. This Office makes recommendations to the Board of Regents regarding the approval or denial of charter school applications and the approval or return of proposed charters.

Charter School 101 is a must-read for anyone wanting to learn the basics about New York City's charter school sector.

Charter School 101 Presentation847.28 KB

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Creating a charter school often starts as an exhilarating project, filled with breakthrough curriculum ideas, ways to serve families where there are low-performing schools, and visions of better futures for children through superlative education.