Charter Parent Action Network (CPAN)

Charter Parent Action Network (CPAN)


Charter Parent Action Network (CPAN) supports parents’ and school leaders’ efforts to build effective relationships with each other and their communities so that together they can build strong schools for their children.


  • Assisting schools to develop and maintain strong parent groups
  • Supporting parents’ efforts to engage their school and their communities
  • Integrating parents into the broader education conversation
  • Organizing schools and parents around issues pertinent to charter school growth and success


CPAN: For Parents

Studies show that children with actively engaged parents enjoy both academic and social success, and CPAN helps parents with that engagement. CPAN provides technical assistance and best practices to parent association leaders; we educate parents about the charter school structure and ways in which they can engage and advocate on their school’s behalf; and we provide special programs and events that bolster parent capacity and knowledge.


CPAN: For Schools

CPAN provides charter schools with the tools and resources they need to effectively engage their parent communities: we help new schools launch parent groups; we offer networking and professional development opportunities for parent liaisons within the school; we help schools connect with local elected officials and other key stakeholders; and, we partner with schools on community engagement activities including town hall meetings and parent workshops.

If your school is interested in partnering with CPAN to grow you parent and community engagement efforts (at no charge), please contact Courtney Feilds at Learn more about CPAN at


Parents play a vital role in a child’s life and education. It is important for parents to engage their child and build strong partnerships with his/her educators and schools.
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