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August 7, 2013 (New York, NY) – The following statement can be attributed to New York City Charter School Center CEO James Merriman:

"The results confirm what educators across New York City have known for some time—the majority of our students aren’t on track for success in college and beyond,” said James Merriman, CEO of the New York City Charter School Center. “This is clear proof that we need continued reform of the system – we must move forward not backwards. We should applaud the impressive scores of highly successful charters, including the Success, Icahn, Achievement First, and Uncommon Schools networks, independent schools including South Bronx Classical Charter School and Bronx Charter School for Excellence, as well as those traditional district schools that are beating the odds. If there was ever a time to learn from our best schools, whether charter or district, it’s today."


The New York City Charter School Center is an independent non-profit committed to fostering an environment in which public charters can open and flourish, and, through their innovative approaches, provide models for improving all public schools. The Charter Center helps new charter schools get started, supports existing schools, and engages the charter school community around key issues.

About NYC’s Charter Schools
Charter schools are free, independently run public schools that are able to innovate in their classroom structures, curriculum, and teaching methods. In return, they’re held to higher standards of accountability. More than 90 percent of the City’s charter school students are African-American or Latino, and over 70 percent are from low-income families. There will be 183 public charter schools serving students in all five boroughs for the 2013-14 school year.

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