Replicating Quality Schools



It has become clear to charter supporters across the country: The best and most immediate way in which to increase quality educational options for students is by supporting the replication of established, high performing charter schools.

The Charter Center’s Replicating Quality Schools program, now offered nationally, ensures that operators looking to replicate do so thoughtfully and strategically, rather than opportunistically.


Replicating Quality Schools (RQS) is the first program of its kind in the country, offering thought-partnership and training for charter schools and networks in the early stages of replication. The rigorous program provides technical supports, exemplars, mentorships, and intensive hands-on workshops delivered by nationally-recognized growth and replica¬tion experts on topics such as:

  • Designing organizational and legal structures
  • Building network-wide organizational culture
  • Keys to replicating academic programs and core instructional delivery elements with authenticity
  • Developing performance management systems and data-driven capacity
  • Building back office capacity and leadership and human capacity pipelines
  • Financial planning and modeling for growth

Participants graduate with the core content and knowledge necessary to create a business plan that will guide their strategic growth into multi-school organizations. Graduates will be primed for local and national funders looking to invest in the growth of high quality school operators and networks.


The Charter Center intends to offer the RQS program in two cities/regions each year. Charter supporters (e.g., a state charter school association, a local or state charter school support organization, a charter school authorizer, a school district or municipality, an incubator organization, or philanthropic entity) interested in bringing the RQS program to their sector must submit a formal application to partner with the Charter Center to offer the program.

Please check back for information on future program dates.