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Recruiting and Educating English Language Learners (REELL)

The New York City Charter School Center and the NYC Special Education Collaborative are pleased to introduce the Recruiting and Educating English Language Learners (REELL) Program designed to support your efforts in recruiting, identifying and best educating English Language Learners (ELLs). Drawing upon local and national school-level expertise, the program will provide participants with a variety of operational, programmatic and pedagogical best practices and strategies that can be applied immediately.

REELL is an eight-month series of trainings and expert webinars that is aligned with the traditional school year. Exemplars, templates and best practices will be shared throughout the entirety of the program. The program focuses on three key strands deemed vital to supporting a vibrant ELL population within your school: Operations, Program Models & Pedagogy.

Workshop topics will include:

  • Identification and Teacher Certification
  • Student Recruitment
  • Administering the NYSESLAT
  • The “New” LAB-R
  • ELL Program Models from Across the U.S.

Participants will receive:

  • Access to local and national industry experts and respected charter school leaders from around the country
  • Resources, toolkits and exemplars from charter schools with high functioning ELL program models
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For general questions please contact David Frank, Director of School Support, 212.437.8307 // dfrank@nyccharterschools.org


Charter Schools do not need to adhere to New York State Education Commissioner’s Regulation 154 (CR 154) regarding English Language Learners. Some of the following resources are based on, or reference, the practices outlined in CR 154 but individual charter schools may create their own policies and procedures and should always follow the procedures approved in their charter. A Charter School LEA must implement the instructional program for ELL students approved in its charter.

A copy of the Charter Center ELL Student Recruitment Tip Sheet from 2013:
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Sample ELL recruitment and community engagement materials shared by Achievement First, DREAM Charter School and Innovation High School (Originally distributed as part of the Recruiting English Language Learners Workshop - 2013):
Download Exemplars Here »

NYSED LEP identification process:
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The New York State Identification Test for English Language Learners (NYSITELL):
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The NYS HLIS in English and multiple languages:
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NYSED FAQ’s on Bilingual Education:
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Additional information on NYS Enrollment & Retention Targets:
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Obtaining LAB-R and NYSESLAT data from ATS:
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Sample entitlement, non-entitlement, continuation of entitlement, an placement letters informing parents of the status of their child's ELL program eligibility in English and multiple other languages:
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ELL Learning Program Examples:
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Sample ELL teacher responsibilities:
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Series continues through 2014
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The Charter Center's ELL Specialist, Melissa Katz, has identified the top three ELL resources for schools.
Tengo suerte de que mi hijo vaya a una escuela pública charter. Gracias a la atención extra que le brindan sus maestros se ha colocado a la cabeza de su clase. Nuestra escuela charter le ha
This training outlines the current process of identifying English Language Learners (ELLs) in New York State, specifically the New York State Identification Test for English Language Learners (NYSITELL).
Presentation Slides1.33 MB
NYSITELL Scanning Process2.46 MB
This training was originally presented in April 2014 by Erika Watson, Senior Program Manager at Questar. Both the slides and the recorded webinar are below. Topics covered are:
NYSESLAT Administration.pdf369.41 KB

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In Why the Gap? English Language Learners and New York City Charter Schools, a new report from the Manhattan Institute, Dr. Marcus Winters uses NYC DOE data from school years 2008-09 to 2011-12 to follow charter and district school ELLs over time. (Winters previously studied special education in NYC charter schools.)

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