Laws & Regulations

Charter schools can innovate because they have more flexibility and autonomy than traditional public schools. At the same time, they remain closely regulated entities that use public resources to serve the public. Charter schools must comply with New York State Charter Schools Act of 1998 (as amended), as well as many state and federal laws and regulations.

On April 1, 2014, New York State lawmakers approved a package of legislation that changed the legal landscape for New York City charter schools. To help the charter sector understand the new landscape, the Charter Center offers A Guide to New Provisions in State Law Affecting New York City Charter Schools.

This page offers information about the laws and regulations applicable to New York City charter schools, as well as policy and legal issues pertaining to charter school authorizing and oversight procedures. These resources are informational only.

New York State’s law on charter schools has changed in important ways. In addition to raising the statewide cap on charter schools, the revised law has implications for charter school approvals, renewals, governance, programs, enrollment, facilities, and more.