Charter schools are public schools, but their access to public facilities is limited and tenuous. In New York City, over 60% of charter schools are presently allowed to use school district buildings, typically through co-location with district schools. Other charter schools dip into their operating funds to pay for rent or mortgages in privately-owned buildings.

This page offers information about the charter school facilities issue, including data and analysis that address common misconceptions about charter schools’ place in the larger system of public schools and buildings.

First comprehensive survey of charter school facilities in New York.

As many NYC public schools adapt to life in full or overcrowded school buildings, charter school co-locations have been targeted for blame. To get beyond warring anecdotes, we took a look at the DOE's latest "Blue Book" data on building utilization across the city.

A list of resources related to siting a charter school and requesting a facility upgrade for a charter school in a NYC DOE building.