Achievement & Testing

Public charter schools are judged by their results: whether or not students are achieving academically and being well prepared for success in college and beyond. Charter schools align to the same New York state standards, and take the same state exams, as other public schools. If a charter school isn’t helping students achieve, it can be closed.

This page offers information about New York City charter schools’ academic performance, including reports and analysis; raw test score data; and links to academic research on charter school effectiveness.

New York State entered the 2013-14 school year—the second year of the Common Core era—with a pointed awareness of the challenges revealed by the 2012-13 test scores.

How NYC charter school students performed on the first state assessments since the implementation of the rigorous Common Core State Standards.

UPDATE: We posted our in-depth analysis of charter school test scores.

The Charter Center is committed to a sector built upon accountability and results for kids. Accordingly, we have conducted an analysis of New York City charter school state test scores that will allow the public to better understand the performance of individual schools and the sector overall. It is our hope that this report spurs conversations, further investigation and best practice sharing.

The results are out from the 2011-12 state tests for Math and English Language Arts (ELA) in grades 3-8, and New York City charter schools once again have reason to feel proud and hopeful, though by no means content.

What choices are charter schools providing? What are their results? Who are their students? And what is the outlook for charter schools' future? Read the Charter Center's new, data-rich report to find out.

A working paper by Harvard University's Ronald G. Fryer, Jr and Will Dobbie

The Charter Center is committed to a sector built upon accountability and results for kids.

The release of state test scores for school year 2009-10 presents both validation and challenges to New York City's public charter schools.

This Excel document shows grade-by-grade score comparisons of individual charter schools to their neighborhood district averages for Math and English Language Arts, 2009-10.

A series of studies comparing the academic performance of charter and district schools.