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Teacher Certification Sessions

The Charter School Center conducts certification sessions for charter school teachers in participating schools seeking certification guidance. Certification consultants work individually with each participant to develop an educational plan to achieve NYS certification in the most expedient manner possible.

To be eligible for an Individual Evaluation you must meet all of the criteria below:

For teachers seeking first certification:

I have not completed an approved NYS teacher preparation program.
I do not have a valid out-of-state teaching certificate.
I am not applying for any of the following as my FIRST NYS certificate:
  • Childhood Education (Grades 1 - 6)
  • Early Childhood Education (Birth - Grade 2)
  • English Language Arts (Grades 5 - 9)
  • English Language Arts (Grades 7 - 12)
  • Generalist in Middle Childhood Education (Grades 5-9)
  • Literacy (Birth - Grade 6)
  • Literacy (Grades 5 - 12)
I have an undergraduate GPA of 2.5 or higher.

If you meet all of the criteria above please click on the link below:
(For teachers seeking additional certification, you must possess a valid NYSED teaching certificate to be eligible for an Individual Evaluation)

To be eligible for Interstate Reciprocity you must meet one or more of the criteria below:

I have completed a comparable approved out-of-state teacher preparation program and may or may not have a valid out-of-state certification.
I have completed an alternative teacher preparation program, have a valid out-of-state certificate(s) and three years of paid teaching experience under that state’s certificate(s) in the subject of the certificate(s). Also known as Endorsement of Certificate Pathway
I completed a Teach for America program from another state.

If you meet one or more of the criteria above, and you are in possession of student copies of undergraduate and graduate transcripts, all out-of-state certificates and a current resume, please click on the link below:

Credential Review Form

Please note the type of credential review for which you are eligible. You will be later asked to select that review and add the supporting documentation for that review in the online registration form portal.


The Charter Center will be hosting multiple 1:1 Certification sessions from August 2015 through May 2016. Only teachers seeking a NYS certificate from a participating charter school may schedule an appointment for the session. Please check with your school leader/HR/Ops director to see if you qualify to attend the session.

Please note: We are unable to provide NYS certification advice to individual teachers outside of the workshops.

2015 Dates

Monday, August 101pm – 6pm
Monday, August 171pm – 6pm
Monday, August 244pm – 8pm
Monday, September 214pm – 8pm
Monday, October 54pm – 8pm
Tuesday, October 134pm – 8pm
Monday, October 264pm – 8pm
Monday, November 94pm – 8pm
Monday, November 164pm – 8pm
Monday, December 74pm – 8pm

2016 Dates

Monday, January 114pm – 8pm
Monday, January 254pm – 8pm
Monday, February 84pm – 8pm
Monday, February 224pm – 8pm
Monday, March 74pm – 8pm
Monday, March 214pm – 8pm
Monday, April 184pm – 8pm
Monday, May 24pm – 8pm
Monday, May 94pm – 8pm
Monday, May 234pm – 8pm


  • Please bring a photo ID to show security upon entry into the building;
  • Student copies of transcripts from every college you attend. (Kindly note that we will NOT be able to do an evaluation for you unless you bring student copies of transcripts from every college you attended. Computer print-outs are NOT accepted.)

You should bring any other related documents you may have such as:

  • Prior evaluation(s) from the NYS Education Department.
  • Proof of prior teaching experience. (on official school letterhead)
  • Proof of completion of the NYS mandated workshops - Child Abuse Identification, Violence Prevention, Dignity for All Students (DASA) and Autism (the autism workshop is only for those seeking Special Education certificates)
  • Copy of all out-of-state teaching certificate(s) for those applying for NYS certification based on reciprocity. This is in addition to copies of ALL college transcripts.


New York City Charter School Center
111 Broadway, Suite 604
New York, NY 10006
(same block as Trinity Church)

Directions on hopstop »

Public transportation is recommended since street parking is generally not available. It is anticipated that you will work with your evaluator for approximately 30-45 minutes.