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NYC Charters Outpace District Schools in ELA & Math: State Tests

The proficiency gap continues to grow as charter students of color and students from low-income families outperform district peers.


Neighborhoods Primed for Charter School Growth

The Charter Center has identified four neighborhoods in the Bronx and Queens that would particularly benefit from the immediate growth of high quality charter schools.


2017-18 Enrollment Lottery Estimates Report

Nearly 48,000 NYC students remain on the citywide charter school waitlist.


Lift the Cap on Charter Schools!

Sign the petition to eliminate the arbitrary cap on the number of charters that can open in New York City.


Check Out Our Blog!

The Charter Center’s blog delivers insight on various topics from our staff experts.


The New York City Charter School Center

helps new charter schools get started, supports existing schools and builds community support so that highly effective schools can flourish.

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of charter school students are economically disadvantaged

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